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Genome Annotation

Correct, modify, add annotations and prepare your transcriptome/genome for submission to the NCBI

Genome/Transcriptome Tools


A console-based application for reading, sanitizing, modifying and adding annotations to genomic data. Writes an NCBI .tbl file.


Command-line tool for cleaning up transcriptome assemblies, adding functional annotations and preparing them for submission to the NCBI


Command-line tool for collecting functional annotations from IPRScan and SwissProt Blast results, filtering them and writing them to a format readable by GAG or transvestigator.

Other Tools


Command line tool for designing primers with the capability to target sites based on intron location, exclude sites based on previously-designed primer locations, and verify primers' suitability using Blast.


Command line tools to split a scaffolded fasta into a contigged fasta and .gap file, or reverse the process.